Window Project 2010


Posted in out of my window, Photography by Valentina Furri Tedeschi on 21 February 2010
the author's name and location are confidential information.

Yong Long - Metz - Queuleu

this is a drawing and not a photo because there is no possibility in prison to take pictures with a camera.
so, this a picture of a man waiting in the corridor for the guard opening his cell.
He is watching the landscape through the window.


WP2010 wants to explain this day.
This beautiful drawing has come through a person. We initially thought to protect his privacy, we put the name and location information were confidential. Then it happened that the person who sent us the drawing wrote “my friend will be very disapointed that there’s no name. You know, in prison you can feel like nobody, just a number.
: (And of course not, i can not watch internet from there! I’ll send him the printed page.. “

So we are very happy to be able to update the day. The author wants to be called that name: “Yong Long”
it means something like “Eternal Dragon” in chinese.

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