Window Project 2010


Posted in out of my window, Photography by Valentina Furri Tedeschi on 21 March 2010
Roberto - Camogli - Italy

Roberto - Camogli - Italy

My name is Roberto I’m lucky to live in the province of Camogli (Genova).From my window I see across the sea of the gulf paradise .. I see beautiful sunsets and great ships sailing ships, fishermen and their fishing boats, tides, sea Canadair take the planar ‘water to extinguish fires on nearby hills, and unfortunately helicopters search for missing divers and swimmers … this picture was taken on 20/03/2010 and takes a ship that has stopped all night. My e-mail address is, greetings and congratulations for the idea and for the site.
sorry for the post’s late. Yesterday we had connection problems.
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