Window Project 2010


Posted in out of my window, Photography by Valentina Furri Tedeschi on 4 May 2010
Claire Johnson - British Columbia - Canada

Claire Johnson - British Columbia - Canada

I am having a lot of fun with my Rabbit story. I have 4 photos for it in my photostream now. I started this silly story with its trick photos because one of my contacts, S Ricochet Rabbit, played a trick on me with one of his photos. He uploaded a photo with a wolverine in it and I thought it was real. He had used PhotoShop to create the picture. That gave me the idea that I could create photos and I began to look for websites that would let me do that for free. I found PhotoFunia, FunPhotoBox, LetterJames,AnyMaking….I have so many ideas and photos now that I can post one every day for the next month! So the Rabbit in my story will be in trouble for weeks!

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