Window Project 2010


Posted in out of my window, Photography by Valentina Furri Tedeschi on 16 May 2010
Maria Torres - Toulouse - France

Maria Torres - Toulouse - France

Body sale out of my window

Out of my window I can see a parade of men passing by every day and night. “Salle climatisée”, “Cabines individuelles”, “Promo Gay” in red and flashy orange are the messages you can read under the classic “Interdit au moins de 18 ans” (prohibited under 18). Old, elegant, fat, handsome, hurried or calm, some of them clumsily open the door looking at both sides of the street, others get in and out many times during a day. Sometimes, generally sunday night, there are groups of them smoking, laughing, talking outside.

Maybe in a parallel world there’s a group of women outside…