Window Project 2010


Posted in out of my window, Photography by Valentina Furri Tedeschi on 17 May 2010
Jens Taube - Erfurt - Germany

Jens Taube - Erfurt - Germany

Leaving Erfurt, where I decided to stay for some days together with my daughters and my sister for a few days. The Hostel was a good place to be with a lot of open-minded and friendly people. Unimaginable that Erfurt faced a parade of Neo-Nazis just some days ago and . Then visiting the local  public swimming pool the other day, I saw a  man, and his right-sided breast showed a tattoo of Nazi-Regime’s symbols. No-one seemed to care. No-one protested. I just had to get out as I felt like I can’t stand to share the same water with him. Leaving Erfurt in the morning hour. The room I leave behind somehow looked like a prison cell to me.